PowerStory V 1.0.1 - Release Notes (Release Date : Aug 21, 2012)

PowerStory 1.01 Release Notes


1.       You can now export your test cases to Microsoft Word.  You will now be prompted to select between Team Foundation Server and MS Word when you click on the “Test Case Generation” button in the PowerStory ribbon.

Bug Fixes

·         1434 – When switching between the “one flow” view and “all flows” view, as well as moving steps via drag and drop operations, sometimes the step text would be cleared out.

·         1409 – While in step edit mode, the “del” key deletes the step instead of the text the user is editing.

·         1406 – The PowerStory steps navigator should not be the default option when user opens switches to PowerPoint presentation mode.

·         1411 - If user selects File menu, then the 'Save' submenu, while a step is in edit mode, the text in that step is deleted.


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