Using Slide Master Layouts can save you a lot of time

The slide master in PowerPoint allows you to define custom "layouts" that can be assigned to many slides.  Each slide can select from any of the layouts.  There are existing default layouts, but you can also add your own layouts that include common UI design elements that should be applied to multiple slides.  This will allow you for example to define your top level navigation of a website on one layout design and then apply that layout design to multiple slides.  So now if you want to make changes to the top level navigation you only have to update the layout design.

To access the slide master:

1) close the steps editor by clicking on the powerstory steps editor button in the ribbon

2) click on the view tab within the powerpoint ribbon. 

3) click on the "slide master" button within the "master views" block within the ribbon.

To add a new custom layout:

1) select an existing layout in the slide master list

2) right click to show the popup menu and then select "Insert Layout"  (don't select "insert slide master)

3) rick click again to show the popup menu and then select the "rename" option to give it a new name that makes sense to you.

Now you are ready to add add your content and/or remove any other content from the layout you just created.

How to apply this new layout to an existing slide:

1) make sure you are back in the normal slide mode.  i.e. ( select view -> then normal from the powerpoint ribbon)

2) select the side using the normal slide list or using the powerstory steps editor.

3) click on the the "home" tab in the powerpoint ribbon and then select the "layout" button

4) select the layout you created or which ever layout you want to apply to this slide.

Note: if you are in the normal powerpoint slide mode you can select multiple slides and the right click to see a popup menu, where you can click on the "layout" menu item. 

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