PowerStory 2.1 Release Notes (April 1, 2013 )

No, this is not an April fool joke...we really did release a new version on April 1 :)

Here is a list of the bugs fixed and 

  • Bug 1992:PowerPoint 2007 cannot be activated through license manager
  • Bug 2030:PowerPoint 2013: Background Process Remains : the UIMockupConfig.ppt file is not closed when existing PPT 2013
  • Product Backlog Item 1970: uninstall previous version of PowerStory when installing the new version, but leave UI Control Library unchanged, so we don't overwrite any additions made by end user.
  • Bug 2016:Can't add ui control from layout slide to the ui control library
  • Bug 1971:fix drag/drop bug that creates duplicate copies of shape
  • Bug 1988:Can't DND UI Controls to slide master layouts
  • Bug 1801:second import of ui control shapes does not show the list of shapes and categories in the dialog

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