How to add Storyboard Navigation Links to Slides

Objective : 

To have PowerStory automatically insert Hyperlinks onto slides that allow the viewer to navigate to alternate flows and also following links to specific slides, based on what was defined in the Steps Editor.

Sample Result:  In this example step 3 has an alternate flow as defined in step 3.1.  The objective here is to have PowerStory automatically insert hyperlinks on the slide associated with step 3 that points to the slide associated with step 3.1

How to accomplish:

  1. Click on the PowerStory Ribbon
  2. Click on the "View Options" button near the left side of the ribbon
  3. The system will open up a view options dialog
  4. Ensure that the "Add Alternate flow hyperlinsk onto branching step slide" option is selected.
    1. Note: this will create links from the branching step to the alternate flow step as well as a return link.
    2. In addition if you have setup and direct links between slides using the in the step context menu or the steps editor panel menu, then these links will also be added to the slide that is the source of the link.

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