Quick Editing Tips

owerStory has some built in features that will make it very easy for you to add your steps within the Steps Editor.  These features were built with quick data entry in mind.

Use the ENTER key  to quickly add a new step: 

When you are editing an existing step, if you hit the ENTER key this will create a new step below the current step.

If the current step is an alternate flow condition then the step will be added as the first step of the alternate flow.

Use the TAB key to quickly make an alternate flow: 

Hitting the TAB key will make the currenlty selected step an alternate flow to the step just before the currenlty selected step.

Use the SHIFT + TAB to move an alternate flow to it's parent flow.

Hitting the SHIFT+TAB key combination will change the currently selected step from being an alternate flow (if it is an alternate flow) to become a sibling of the stp just before it.


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